Trust No More: A Fictional ARG Conspiracy Site

Trust No More site screenshot

Trust No More, 2019

ARG Storytelling for a New Masquerade

Creative Writing, Web Design Consulting, Worldbuilding

Working alongside multimedia story-telling studio Alice & Smith: I crafted a real representation of the fictional conspiracy theory website "Trust No More". This blend of crazy personalities and dangerous secrets led players to the discovery of the app "Tender", a trap for unsuspecting people in need to be feasted upon by creatures of the night.

I wrote all of the additional creative copy for TNM, designed the "About" section's layout, and wrote the majority of "trends" articles as the Tender ARG marched forward. It was exhilirating to see my work given a mention during the finale Twitch stream, leading into the announcement of Vampire The Masqurade: Bloodlines 2.

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